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Conference on the modernization of the rolling stock held on 23-24 April 2013

            From 23 to 24 April 2013 in Kostamuksha (Republic of Karelia) passed a scientific and technical conference dedicated to the modernization of industry and the magistral rolling stock. The conference was attended by representatives of the mining and processing combinats of the CIS, mining companies, factories, repair of rolling stock manufacturers and developers of assemblies and components for the mountain railway equipment. The conference was organized by the company "PromElKom", and was held in the territory of "Karelian Pellet" (part of "Severstal"). "Karelian Pellet" is third in Russia in volume of production of pellets and iron ore pellets produced by the combine can be used directly in a blast furnace without intermediate agglomeration. The main consumer of the company's products is the Cherepovets Steel Mill (also part of the "Severstal"). The company pays special attention to the safety of staff and the culture of production, it is obligatory to carry out daily medical examination for all plant employees. Also all participants in the conference passed throught before visit of production facilities.

          The first day was devoted to the modernization of the AC traction units. At the beginning of the conference by welcoming the participants asked the Deputy General Director of "PromElKom" ??Angelica Ushatyuk, which marked the goals and objectives of the conference. On behalf of "Karelian Pellet" with the report about a rolling stock working at the plant, especially the maintenance and repair maked head of the rail Yelena Fedorova. Next on the repair and maintenance of industrial railway equipment, presentations were made by the director of "Novosibirsk electric locomotive factory" Konstantin Kharitonov and director of "Konotop repair-mechanical plant" (Ukraine) Eugene Boyko. Related modernization AC traction units, in particular OPE-1AM, was dedicated saturated report of the Director of DI-ELCOM (Plzen, Czech Republic) Josef Chechura. He outlined the objectives and scope of the modernization of traction units, expressed in the complete replacement of the electrical part, has led the technical features and the resulting benefits, such as increased convenience and safety management, ease of maintenance and conservation units. He spoke about the successful experience of this upgrade and subsequent operation of the locomotives on the example of industrial E27 (Czech Republic). After the speech started a broad discussion discuss the project, the participants were asked a number of questions. Also director of DI-ELCOM presented a new compressor system AK-02, designed replacement compressors KT-6 in the compressed air traction units. Modern plate compressor unit ensures longer life, greater service intervals than those used compressors CT-6, which significantly reduces the cost of operation. Upon completion of the report of the participants went to the locomotive depot to meet with new AK-02 compressor system installed by "PromElKom" to experimental propulsion unit of plant "Karelian Pellet", which passing experimental operation. All noted the low level of noise and vibration during operation of the new compressor system, which increases the comfort of the driver. At the end of the first day of the conference, in spite of the bad weather, a trip to the observation deck of one of the quarries' Karelian Pellet, "in which plant has been producing ore. The participants of the conference participants appreciated the impressive view of the quarry from the observation deck, the scale of production and the work of art into a career.

               The second day was devoted to the modernization of the DC traction units and the use of the rolling stock on the switched-reluctance drives. Work conference begun since the report by Josef Chechura "Modernization of the traction unit OPE-1" has begun. The report on the modernization of the AC traction unit has been moved from the first day of work due to lack of time. Next on the program was held by the Deputy Director of the TEC "POLYTECH" Vladimir Shmatkov on "Presentation of technological engineering company "POLYTECH". The report describes the role of engineering companies in the technical development of enterprises, the structure of the interaction with the founder, the South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute), identifies opportunities and industry activities, as well as an example of the scientific and technical developments. Speech and some of the most recent work of the company, including a new switcheв-reluctance drive (power 40kW), aroused the interest of the participants. This compressor drive for main line locomotives VL80 series and EP1, made in cooperation with "PromElKom" company ??is now completed the second phase of bench tests on the our experimental base and soon will be start trail runs on the locomotive. In single-phase network edition, the drive can be install on both the traction machines direct and alternating current. Continued the theme of the switched-reluctance on the rolling stock deputy chief engineer "PromElKom" ??Alex Kiktev, with the report "Perspectives of the switched-inductor motors." He informed about the features of the switched-reluctance applications drives, including traction, for the rolling stock, and told the manufactured currently in production of the switched-inductor-drive weight of 27t. Completed the work program of the conference report to Josef Chechura on "Modernization of the traction unit PE-2U", an overview of updating electrical traction unit DC.

          All participants noted the usefulness and effectiveness of the event, a significant benefit from the exchange of experience and new information in the field of industrial modernization and operation of rolling stock.