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About TEC POLYTECH and PromElCom negothiations in July 2013

             The cooperation between the TEC "POLYTECH" and PromElCom company (Gubkin) to build a modern electric drives is continue. PromElCom ??has equipped production base, has the experience and ability to produce, repair and modernization of the electric motors of various types, as well as rolling stock. OnPromElKom industrial base ??at the beginning of 2013 was maked an experimental model of the switched-reluctance drive VIP-40 (40 kW), which will be used as a compressor drive AC locomotive.As we reported earlier now it has successfully passed the bench tests and preparing for running tests.

02.07.2013 in Novocherkassk in TEC "Polytech" and SRSPU(NPI) held negothiations about expanding joint activities and strengthen the partnership between our two companies. The sides discussed the possibility of joint development in two ways:

1. Development of the switched-reluctance traction drive for OPE1AM traction unit, with a 
500 kW capacity .

2. Development of the auxiliary 
switched-reluctance drive for OPE1AM fanwith a  20 kW сapacity.

University and engineering company have the resources and intellectual capacity to realize projects of this level, as well as significant experience in the development of electric drives of different types and are willing to work together. The two sides also agreed to conduct a 
bench test on TEC POLYTECHs experimental base for a switched-reluctance drive VIP-40 (edition 2) maked by PromElCom ??and determining its performance and features in the new edition.

Following the negotiations, "POLYTECH" and "PromElKom" ??agreed to sign the contract about cooperation in the field of electric drives creation to document the arrangements for testing and collaboration.